Psoriasis sucks!!!

Psoriasis Story

Thirty years have passed, but I still remember this young man’s pain.  The stares from strangers.  The rude and painful comments from even family members.  The constant itching.  The scales and dried skin all over the house.  And the treatment failures!!!  Greasy, messy ointments that rubbed off on everything.  Or internal medicines that had toxic side effects.  And for him, it seemed as if nothing worked.  His psoriasis was immovable; a stone wall that never changed, regardless of what was tried.

Over the past 20 years, treatments for psoriasis have exploded.  Prior to 2000, there were less than 5 internal treatments for psoriasis.  Since that time, more than 15 new internal treatments for psoriasis have been developed and come to the market.  These new medications are much more effective than the older medications.  With these new medications, many psoriasis sufferers obtain clear or nearly clear skin.  And although not completely free of potential side effects, these newer medications are much safer than our older medications.

Thirty years have passed.  My young male patient is no longer so young.  And he still has psoriasis, but it’s well controlled. He now wears short sleeves, shorts and bathing suits.  And he goes to the store and the pool and the beach without fear that people will make rude comments.  For him, psoriasis no longer sucks; instead, it is controlled.  As he now says, “I have psoriasis and I’m beautiful”.

If you or a loved one suffers from psoriasis, there are many new, highly effective treatment options.  Please schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to find the right treatment for you!!!



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